CiyaaroVinicius challenges himself .. 30 goals this season to show his strength!

Vinicius challenges himself .. 30 goals this season to show his strength!

Vinicius Junior scored his second goal this season against Espanyol, the second in a row after he started his scoring record this season last week against Celta Vigo, and the Brazilian continues his brilliance by scoring after the scoring “explosion” he made last season.

The Brazilian international removed the curse of the drought that haunted him in the early years with Real Madrid, with what he presented last season, as he scored 22 goals after a series of scoring scarcity (3 goals in 18-19, 5 goals in the 19-20 season and 6 goals during the 20-20 season). 21).

The culmination of his great work in the aspect of ending the attacks, by scoring the goal that gave Real Madrid the 14th Champions League Cup in the club’s history, by shaking Liverpool’s goal in the Paris final, to be the year of dedicating Vinicius as a star to the team in a way that could not end in a better way.

Scoring boom

At the age of 21, Vinicius equaled, for example, Gareth Bale’s best scorer in Real Madrid’s shirt in the 2013-14 season, by scoring 22 goals, and he became the second best scorer for Real Madrid, and was only surpassed by Karim Benzema.

In addition to his 22 goals, Vinicius’ stunning attacking effect was shown through 13 assists he gave to his teammates and receiving five penalties.

According to the report of the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, the Brazilian international wants to raise the bet this season by going far, as the player challenges himself and feels his ability to progress, as his bet and his main concern is to consolidate his strength, and challenge his abilities in order to reach greater records and break the 30-goal barrier in season.

Continuous sharing

The Spanish report indicated that one of the keys to achieving his goal lies not only in his improvement in front of the goal and the good moment for the team in general, but also in the great continuity enjoyed by the Brazilian, as he played 52 games out of 56 meetings in the Real Madrid season with a participation rate of up to (93%), where he kept away from injuries in addition to his strong physique, which pushes him to withstand the pressure of continuous playing.

Vinicius has not been injured since March 2019 and this allowed him to play many matches, as he participated last season in 52 meetings, in addition to 49 matches out of 52 with a percentage (94%) in 20-21 and 38 out of 51 (74%) in 19 -20, and the report stressed that Vinicius playing a lot is necessary for the scoring character he wants to achieve.

contract renewal

Real Madrid is working to extend Vinicius’ contract until 2028, but, as reported by the newspaper “Marca”, the player preferred a slightly shorter period, specifically until 2026 or 2027, and the contract renewal factor may be an additional motivation for his improvement this season and for greater performance after stability.



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