CiyaaroThe last of them is Anthony Taylor .. Rulers chased by the...

The last of them is Anthony Taylor .. Rulers chased by the fans because of controversial decisions!

The referees usually have the upper hand on the field throughout the ninety minutes of matches. They are considered the strongest element in the system throughout the matches, but after the match ends and the referees blow whistles, they are the weakest unchallenged.

When the power of the rulers ends, the strength of the rest of the elements of the system begins, including players, coaches and fans, and everyone begins to chase the rulers and hold them accountable for their decisions inside the green rectangle.

This is what usually happens, but some referees face an even more extreme fate, as they regret refereeing certain matches, make a difference in their career and become chased by the fans

In the following lines, we review some of those referees who have been chased by fans throughout their career due to wrong refereeing decisions that fans could not forget.

  • Didier Drogba Tom Henning Ovrebo Chelsea Barcelona Champions LeagueTom Henning

    Until his retirement in 2013, the Norwegian referee Tom Henning, who refereed the famous Chelsea-Barcelona match in the 2008-2009 Champions League semi-final second leg, remained stigmatized by the decisions he made in that match, which were in favor of the Catalan team.

    Henning then indicated his apology for making those mistakes that cost Chelsea to leave the Champions League later and not reach the final that Barcelona won, achieving the Champions League for the third time in its history.

  • El Ghandour 2002Jamal Al-Ghandour

    Egyptian referee Gamal Al-Ghandour is still a symbol of the arbitration controversy in Spain in particular, after approving the cancellation of two goals for Matador against South Korea in the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup.

    The match, which was held at the Guangzhou Stadium, which was held specifically for the World Cup in South Korea, is one of the most controversial matches at the refereeing level, and because of it, the Spaniards poured out their anger on Jamal Al-Ghandour, who canceled two correct goals in favor of Al-Matador.

    But the two balls had a common denominator, which was that the assistant referees counted the decisions and left Jamal Al-Ghandour to pay the price!

  • Diego Simeone Ceccarini 19980426Piero Shikarini

    The Italian referee, who refused to award a penalty kick, perhaps the most controversial in the history of the Scudetto, wrote on himself the anger of the Nerazzurri fans forever!

    In the 1997-1998 season, when the struggle was raging between Juventus and Inter Milan for the Scudetto title, the two teams faced each other in the 31st round of the competition, and the difference between them was 4 points. Inter’s victory would be enough to make it one point, leaving Juventus in front of open possibilities in 3 matches, tied in any of them only. Ronaldo’s comrades pounce on the league.

    You can imagine the excitement of a match like that in Turin. Del Piero scored the first goal for the hosts, before the decisive shot occurred, a penalty demanded by Inter players, but Schecarini did not give it to Ronaldo, insisting later and until 2019 that he was the one who went to the defender Marc Uliano and not the other way around.

    Shekarini deprived Inter of the opportunity to amend, and after a few minutes he awarded a penalty that many saw as less obvious in favor of Del Piero against Nigerian Taribo West. It is true that it was lost, but it opened the door to questions wide about Shekarini directing the match in favor of Yuvi.

    What exacerbated these speculations, was the fall of Juventus into the trap of the Calciopoli scandal years later in 2006.

    Nerazzurri fans demanded the retirement of Chicarini, who has been facing problems on every visit to Milan since this date, a football match that drew anger at a veteran referee.

  • Howard WebHoward Webb

    Referee Howard Webb must be best known for being a referee for the 2010 Champions League Final, and the World Cup Final in the same year, but you’ll find Webb most famous for being accused of permanent siding with Manchester United.

    We cannot forget the case of sending off Steven Gerrard in the FA Cup against United, nor the fake penalty that was awarded to Berbatov in the same match, but he himself admitted in 2020 that the penalty he awarded in favor of Manchester United against Tottenham, which cost Liverpool the loss of the English Premier League in 2009, it was a wrong decision, pointing out that “he wished Cristiano Ronaldo had lost it…but he didn’t!”.

    Webb won his share of the wrath of the England fans, led by the Liverpool fans, and many pictures were hung of him and later spread on social media, showing him on the field as if he was wearing a Manchester United shirt!


    South Korea was lucky with the referees who crossed it from the two giants of Europe, Spain and Italy. Italy had the lion’s share of the arbitration disaster, its Ecuadorean champion Byron Moreno.

    He awarded a questionable penalty for Korea, disallowed two controversial goals for Italy, refused to award a penalty to Totti and then sent him off! there more?

    Moreno always says that he is clear of conscience about all his decisions, although until 2022 he tells Italian newspapers that he is subjected to a barrage of criticism from the Azzurri fans!

  • Buffon Oliver Real Madrid Juventus Champions LeagueMichael Oliver

    The English referee found himself facing a complicated situation, a penalty kick in the last minute of the match between Real Madrid and Juventus in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final 2017-2018 awarded to Lucas Vazquez, which Cristiano Ronaldo successfully executed and was enough to pass Real Madrid in the last breath to the semi-finals of the tournament that crowned with her title.

    Juventus fans did not imagine that their team would score at the Bernabeu in particular by signing 3 full goals against Real Madrid, and then the dream was lost due to a controversial penalty awarded by a young English referee!

    They poured their anger on Oliver, and by returning to his wife’s accounts on social media, they took out a picture of her at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium itself, and from that moment on, Oliver started paying the price

    • Jose Arnoldo AmayaJose Arnoldo Amaya

      All of these are criticisms within the legitimate limits, but it comes to killing, this is what happened with the Salvadoran José Arnoldo Amaya.

      About two months ago in El Salvador, Amaya refereed the last football match of his career in the Salvadoran League, a red card that cost him his life. The Salvadoran Federation says in its statement, commenting on the incident, that they “claim being fans and players during the match he managed at Toluca Stadium in San Salvador.”

    • Anthony TaylorAnthony Taylor

      This level of anger towards referees continues this year from Chelsea fans against English referee Anthony Taylor, who signed a petition by 50,000 Blues supporters not to referee the team’s matches!

      This came against the background of Taylor calculating two questionable goals for Tottenham against Chelsea, which Antonio Conte’s team drew with Tuchel’s men in the second round of the 2022-2023 Premier League, to demand the Chelsea fans, who clearly said that Taylor “has a clear agenda against Chelsea over the years.” By not assigning any match to him that the Blues are a party to.



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