CiyaaroQuarrel and expulsion .. Tuchel supports the public's demand to prevent Taylor...

Quarrel and expulsion .. Tuchel supports the public’s demand to prevent Taylor from arbitration for Chelsea

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel criticized the referee of his team’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, Anthony Taylor, which ended in a positive draw for both teams.

The London derby witnessed a dispute between Tuchel and Tottenham coach, Antonio Conte, which extended to after the match, prompting the referee to send off the German.

The meeting witnessed arbitration controversies regarding the two goals of Tottenham, as the first came after Havertis demanded a foul and the second was also due to demands for an infraction

What is the reason for the fight Conte and Tuchel?

The dispute between Conte and Tuchel flared up with Tottenham scoring the first goal, as the Italian coach celebrated madly while the German turned to him to object to the goal.

But the objection was not calm, which caused a dispute between the two coaches, which was stopped by the referee by giving each of them a yellow card.

But with the end of the match and Harry Kane’s killer goal, Tuchel turned to greet Conte, but the latter refused to shake hands with him and shouted at him, and the dispute intensified again and ended with a red card for the Chelsea coach

What did Tuchel say after the draw with Tottenham?

Tuchel said in a press statement: “Does referee Taylor have a history of bad decisions against Chelsea? I don’t think only the fans believe that, but I assure you that everyone in the dressing room believes in it.”

He continued: “I do not understand how the referee calculated the first goal despite the presence of an offside, and I do not know since when the pulling of the player’s hair (a sign of a violation against Cucurella) does not lead to an expulsion

The German coach continued his attack, saying: “Attracting a player by his hair and a violation in the last corner are all things that do not count as unacceptable. The two goals can never be counted and the result is unfair and we deserve to win because we were the better party.”

On a proposal from the fans to give Taylor from arbitration again for Chelsea, Tuchel commented: “Of course it would be better, but to be honest there are also referees on video technology, it is complicated, the player was pulled by his hair and perhaps the referee did not see it, but the video technology exists for that

He continued: “When Reece James made a tactical foul, he got a yellow card. Do you know how many tactical fouls Hojbjerg did today? He attacked James and the referee gave him the opportunity and did not return to give him the yellow card. Betancourt also committed three, four, five or six offenses without penalty.”

He concluded: “The next match, I will not be on the bench because of the red card, but imagine that he will referee another match.”

It is worth noting that Chelsea defeated Everton in their first Premier League match to get four points from two matches




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