CiyaaroMoney doesn't make everything

Money doesn’t make everything

With the end of the transfer market period, the fans begin to feel joy at some of the fiery deals concluded by their team, or they are sad because of the inaction of the management – whatever your position – we just have to remember from history that reinforcements are not everything.

There are those who spent about a quarter of a billion euros in one market and failed to achieve a championship or even be present in the Champions League, and there are those who were sparing in their spending and achieved success.

Between this and that, we review with you below some examples of teams that spent a lot of money in the transfer market and failed to deliver what was expected of them during the seasons that followed the conclusion of these deals.

  • PSG Messi Neymar Mbappé

    Paris Saint-Germain

    Last season, the Paris Saint-Germain team made a historic transfer market, as it included some shortcomings that could help the French club towards the Champions League title.

    The idea this time was not in the money, compared to previous seasons, we will find that Paris spent more than it did last season, but he was able to bring the most important names in the world of football in some centers such as Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​Georginio Wijnaldum from Liverpool, and Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid And Achraf Hakimi from Inter.

    Paris spent about 89 million euros, while its coffers received 11 million, thus losing 78 million euros in this market.

    The Parisian team won the local league title, but failed to compete in the cup tournaments, and was eliminated from the Champions League from the round of 16 against Real Madrid.

  • 2017-07-25 Bonucci Milan

    The return of false Milan

    In the 17-18 season, the new owner of Milan stated: “We want to quickly bring the club back to the top because Real Madrid feels lonely”.

    The start was through the fiery deals that the team concluded in that market, after spending about 186 million euros on the new names, and its coffers received 34 million euros.

    At the forefront of that list was the defender of the rival Juventus team, Leonardo Bonucci, who was acquired by Milan for about 42 million euros, before he failed in the Rossoneri with the rest of the team and then returned to Juve with 35 million.

    Milan ended this season disastrously, as it failed to obtain a qualifying position for the Champions League and was in sixth place, and also lost the Italian Cup final, and was eliminated from the European Championship from the round of 16.

  • Ronaldo

    Even Ronaldo did not save Manchester

    Last season, the headlines spread extensively about the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to the ranks of the Manchester United team, and, of course, he was not the only star that the Red Devils included in the club.

    Rather, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane came with him, to announce the English team’s return to the competition and raise the ambitions of its fans.

    United’s deals cost the club about 140 million euros, while he sold some names about 30 million euros.

    And the Red Devils failed to achieve any success this season, as they finished sixth in the League Championship, and were eliminated from the round of 16 in the European Champions League, with an early departure from the FA Cup.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 2009 Vorstellung

    Historic zero for Real Madrid

    In 2009, Real Madrid decided to change the club’s skin by concluding many important deals at the time, led by Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, and playmaker Ricardo Kaka.

    And the royal spent about 258 million euros, while he got rid of some big names also from the team, such as Arjen Robben, and got about 88 million.

    In the 09-10 season, Real Madrid lost all the championships, and came out with a historic zero season, where it got second place in the League Championship, and exited the Cup title in the fourth round, and left the Champions League from the round of 16.

  • Griezmann Barcelona

    Messing Barcelona

    Barcelona’s administrative failure in Josep Bartomeu’s stage was beyond imagination in terms of everything, the available resources, and the administration coveted to spend the money lavishly without studying.

    In the 19-20 season, the Catalan club spent about 298 million euros, while the Blaugrana coffers received 152 million at the time.

    At the head of the club’s arrival was veteran Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann, who coach Valverde said at the time and said that he did not know where he would put him in the formation.

    A very clear absurdity and its impact at the end of the season when Barcelona failed to do anything noteworthy, as the team finished the league championship in second place, and exited the King’s Cup in the quarter-finals, as it left the Champions League in the same round.

  • Aleksandar Mitrovic Fulham Championship

    The ups and downs of Fulham

    In the 18-19 season, Fulham returned to the Premier League, so the club decided at that time to spend a lot of money on the club’s battalion to improve its quality and continue.

    At the time, the rising team spent about 116 million euros, while the club’s coffers received only 5 million euros.

    It is strange that Fulham, after all this money spent on the club, was relegated from the English Premier League again, as it occupied 19th place in the table after the disappointing performance of the team.

  • Arsenal Xhaka 2021-22

    Arsenal’s muffled awakening

    The Arsenal team was going through difficult financial times that prevented it from spending big in the transfer market, until Mesut Ozil cut the starting bar in the 13-14 season when he joined the Gunners with about 47 million euros.

    And then Arsenal spent a lot of money in the hope of achieving a real awakening in the local league championship, but to no avail.

    In the 16-17 season, the London club spent about 113 million euros, while its coffers received 10 million euros at the time.

    At the forefront of the list of players was the Swiss midfielder, Granit Jaca, who joined with about 45 million euros.

    As for the Gunners season, it was not up to the expectations, as the team finished the league championship in fifth place, while it was eliminated from the European Champions League in the round of 16, but it managed to achieve the FA Cup title.

  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin Everton 2021-22

    Everton wasted money as usual

    Everton is one of the most failed European clubs in exploiting its financial resources, and this period is suffering from the specter of the failure of the past.

    Talking about just one season in which Everton failed to achieve the goal after spending so much is difficult, but we will take the 20-21 season as an example of what the team management is doing.

    At the time, Everton spent about 73 million euros, while his coffers received only 4 million euros.

    The team failed to achieve any advanced success in the league championship, but got tenth place in the standings table, and was eliminated from the two cup championships in the quarter-finals.

  • Anderson Talisca Besiktas

    Saudi victory

    In the 20-21 season, the Saudi Al-Nasr club spent a lot of money in the transfer market, hoping to return to the podium again.

    But the team at that time failed to achieve success, as it was eliminated from the AFC Champions League in the semi-finals, as is the case in the King’s Cup, and finished sixth in the league.

    One season later, Al-Nassr spent about 15 million euros, and this time he brought in the Brazilian star Talisca, hoping to correct the mistakes of the past.

    But he failed again to achieve success, as he was eliminated from the Champions League in the semi-finals as well, and left the Cup title from the quarter-finals, and occupied the third place in the Saudi League.

  • Keno - Pyramids - 9/10/2018

    Egyptian European Pyramids!

    In the 18-19 season, madness was the main feature of the Egyptian Pyramids transfer market.

    The Egyptian club spent about 51 million euros in one season in an African championship that is not in the first category in the world, and its coffers received 10 million euros.

    Pyramids made some big contracts at the time, such as the Brazilian Keno, who came with about 8.5 million, and Christian Benavento, who joined with about 6 million, and other foreign and Egyptian names.

    The idea of ​​the Saudi investment for Turki Al-Sheikh in Egypt was to pay the money quickly and achieve long-term success before he then left the club and transferred its ownership to businessman Salem Al-Shamsi.

    But the truth is that this market will remain the most prominent in the history of Egyptian and African football until this terrible barrier is broken.

  • Zamalek deals 2017


    After winning the Egyptian League championship in the 2014/2015 season, while completely changing the team’s skin before it, Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, decided to repeat the same experience, after losing the league title in the following season, so that the white knight in the summer of 2016/2017 made 13 deals that cost treasures The club 3.17 million euros, but at the same time, Zamalek made profits amounting to 5 million euros in exchange for departures and loans.

    But the repetition of the experience did not bear fruit, as Zamalek finished the season in third place in the league standings, and bid farewell to the African Champions League from the group stage, in addition to the exclusion from the Egyptian Cup semi-finals and lost the opportunity to preserve the title to come out with a zero season.

  • West Ham 2019-20

    West Ham and Pellegrini failed

    The London club presented an expensive transfer market in the summer of 2018/2019, and the summer of 2020/2021, in the hope of returning the lost glories since the sixties and seventies, but the result was very disappointing.

    In the summer of 2018/2019, the club spent a total of 100.90 million euros, but the result of the season was being in the tenth place in the English Premier League, and being eliminated from the first rounds in the FA Cup and the League Cup.

    In the following summer, the Hammers administration spent 55.48 million euros, and the shock came with the competition to remain in the league, as the Premier League team finished 17th, 5 points behind Bournemouth, the last relegated, and the team continued to exit early from the preliminary rounds in the cup championships.

  • Taiwo Awoniyi Nottingham Forest goal 2022-23

    Nottingham Forest .. Is the story different!

    Nottingham Forest, newly promoted to the Premier League and with a long history in England and Europe, took advantage of his return after a 23-year absence from the Premier League, and concluded many strong deals, taking advantage of winning the most expensive match in football, and qualifying from the “Playoff” in the English first division. Which brought 100 million pounds into the club’s coffers.

    The Super Reds have so far signed 18 players in deals amounting to 157.05 million euros, while the club earned 7 million euros from sales.

    The team led by Steve Cooper has played four matches in the Premier League as of this writing, won one match, drew the other and lost two matches, occupying 14th place and four points.


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