Ciyaaro1% of Ferguson .. "Nostalgia" Van Niesterlooy the event in the Netherlands

1% of Ferguson .. “Nostalgia” Van Niesterlooy the event in the Netherlands

In recent weeks many of us have sat in front of our TV looking for football matches while on vacation, and this has led them to the Champions League qualifiers.

One particular match that attracted attention was the Rangers summit with PSV Eindhoven, the Scottish giants collided with the Dutch Cup champions and runners-up. Rod van Nesterloe.

Everyone remembers Van Nissterlooy as that outstanding striker who wore the shirts of Real Madrid and Manchester United, but leave the nostalgia aside because “Van Gaul” is now 46 and is making his first coaching experience at the level of the major teams.

Training at home

Van Niesterlooy did not take long to join the coaching field after retiring in 2012. In 2014, he joined Guus Hiddink’s coaching staff and continued even after his departure as an assistant with the temporary staff of Danny Blind.

Danny Blind - Guus Hiddink _ ruud Van Nistelrooy

After that, Van Niesterlooy decided to work alone and headed to his old club PS in Eindhoven, where he led the under-17, 18, 19, and 21 age groups from 2016 to 2021, punctuated by another experience with the mills as an assistant to Frank de Boer that did not last long.

It’s adult time

PSV Eindhoven chose to trust his former star and announced last April his appointment as technical director of the team starting from the new season, to be his first experience in leading a team at an adult level.

The Dutch star is faithful to his country’s tradition of applying comprehensive football, and the evidence is the stormy start of his team’s scoring in the current season, as he scored a total of 20 goals in 7 matches, including five against Ajax in the local super and another in a league atmosphere, in addition to another triple in Monaco continental.

Van Niesterlooy adopts a 4-2-3-1 game plan with a similar spearhead in style, Luc de Jong, returning to PSV again, and the movements of promising star Cody Jacobo and Ismail Sabiri, in addition to the arrival of Xavi Simmons, the lost talent in Paris and Barcelona, ​​and the quality of Ibrahima Sanjari in the middle leadership.

The English press quickly drew their attention to the rise of Nesterloi in training and took advantage of his presence in Britain to meet Rangers and asked him about the comparison with his former coach Sir Alex Ferguson, to come the response with a laugh: “Oh my God, I hope to be even one percent of him, a moment of pride for me to watch me train.”

Early disappointment despite a promising start

Despite the strong start to the season, the team’s plans to reach the Champions League took a heavy blow by falling to Rangers and losing a goal in the Netherlands, despite the away draw.

The team presented its worst performances with Nesterloe in the two meetings of Rangers, even in the 2-2 draw, it seemed disjointed and did not present its attacking style, and in the return it was better, but the naivety of its defense in coming out with the ball cost him a goal that he failed to compensate, so that he had to switch to the second championship of the continent, amid the indignation of the PSV Eindhoven fans Who hit him with cups!

Van Niesterlooy will find himself in front of an old opponent in the European League when he faces Arsenal, a meeting that holds many memories for him and the Gunners, to the extent that fans of the latter demanded the return of Martin Quinn, the famous defender of the team who had an argument with the Dutchman in the meeting of the two teams!

Van Niesterlooy may feel old, but it’s a new era in which the latter as a coach and the son of Dirk Kuyt and Pierre van Hooydonk become players, so maybe it’s time to enjoy the new generation of mills, whether as coaches or the same famous nickname but with new faces



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